Slouchyz X Customer

This Book a Home Service Policy formalises our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers.

The aims of our Book a Home Service to Customer Service Policy are to:

  • Make the Customer Easy in buying products and knowing us more.
  • Make transactions easier for customers and clients
  • Provide customers and clients with a consistent level of customer care
  • Provide best design aesthetic experience
  • Help achieve the vision, goal, and mission of our organisation.

This policy and associated procedures apply to all Customers who Book a Home Service from Slouchyz via Call or Website based Booking.

Slouchyz prioritises the effective service of customers and the respectful handling of customer on a one to one service experience

Slouchyz commits to the following principles and practices in customer service.

  • Friendly, professional customer interactions
  • Accurate and consistent information about goods and services
  • Prompt and efficient service

Home Service Standards
The following service standards apply when we process ahead on Book a Home Service option by our customer.

Charging Fees for Book a Home service in Emirates

  • Dubai AED – 2000
  • Abu Dhabi & Alain – 5000
  • Ajman Sharjah & RAK – 2500
  • Um Al Quwain & Fujairah 6000

Note: Above fees should be paid before the service & Once invoice is issued the amount will be deducted.

For the service we provide:

  • No pictures are allowed to be taken only under permission of the Team.
  • Abayas cannot be taken Away without assistance of the Team.
  • Allow us 30min time extra to Arrive the destination from the appointment time booked, In case of Traffic Rush